Free Through School Holidays 

Keeping our kids fit through the year is important to any parent, weather this is to help our kids continue excelling in there sports or just for their general well-being.

Over the school holidays (1st October - 12th October) we will be providing 2 classes a day for absolutely free, which will involve functional training with body weight exercises, speed, agility and mental focus.

Kids can only pick one session per day either am or pm therefore allowing everyone an equal opportunity to join this amazing program.

Session time will be 9.15am or 3.45pm and each session being a maximum of 30 minutes, as proven a 30 minute training is more beneficial when done correctly.

Our 100% Focus Is Fun But Also Results 

Ages From 5-11 Years Old

Kids From12+ Can Join The Older Group that is at 6pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday(Parents are welcome to join with their kids)

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